My Life

                My name is Ali. I am from Pakistan. This is a short story
about my life. I lived in karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan.
In 2005 the Taliban killed my Grandfather. After two years
there was another attack on my uncle. He was injured
and is now in a hospital for people with mental dissabilies.
Afther this, there was a call to kill us. We left Pakistan.
We took a Visa for Iran. We arrived in Iran by bus. After ten
days we arrived near Maku mountain. We walked on the
mountain for a full night, the next day we arrived at three
pm in Turkey. We stayed in Turkey for ten days. After this,
we went to Lesbos in a small boat. We stayed in Lesbos
for three days. Finally, We took a ticket for Athens.


Ali, 20, Pakistani, has been in Greece for eight months.

He is with his mother, father, sister, brother, and uncle.

Ali and his family are intending to continue to England.

The Hotel City Plaza, Greece, August 2016.