I am Almaz from Eritrea, 35 years old, and I live in the
Plaza alone—all of my familly are still in my home country.
I left my country because of political problems that meant
I had not completed national service and I struggled.
The journey has been so terrible (bad). first I traveled
by foot and I reached the Sudan in one week. I stayed
in the Sudan for one year and I continued to Turkey and
Greece by plane and boat. Respectively I spent 5000 dollars.
Now I am in Greece (Athens) at the City Plaza Hotel.
The City Plaza is a good apartment to live. I spend my
time in this place by doing sports/Yoga and I improve
my English skills, reading books. I enjoy my time
with my room mates and lovely people.


Almaz, 35, Eritrean, currently

staying on the 4th floor of the

Hotel City Plaza, Athens, Greece,