I left Syria due to the war in my
country. I felt sad, because all my
memories, my childhood, are there.
I did not know what destiny hid for
me. I felt much fear and sadness.
We were happy in our country, but
the conditions of war and fear on
our children forced us to leave our
beloved country. In ten years I hope
my children are excelling in their
studies. Untill I know my end, I have
not started my journey. We thank
all of the group of the City Plaza.


Khalil, 43, and his daughter, Kurdish Syrian, on their balcony
on the 6th floor of the City Plaza Hotel, Athens, Greece, July 2016.
In the background the church of saint George can be seen on
top of mount Lyccavitus, the tallest point in Athens and a popular
tourist and pilgrimage spot. Along with their daughter and two
young boys, Khalil and his wife Fatima are hoping to continue
to Germany. They have been in Greece since March 2016.
Khalil, his daughter and his family have since left the hotel
to continue their journey and claim asylum further in Europe,
August 2016.