I don’t imagine the end of the journey
and I don’t think of the future—there
is no future anymore. My message to
the European people is: revolt against
your governments to stop the war
in Syria. The situation in City Plaza
is good, but the food is bad.


In April 2016, Greek activists squatted the empty City Plaza Hotel.
Refugees—many of whom had been sleeping in the near by pulbic
square—from Syria, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan,
Palestine and Eritrea were invited to become temporary residents;
a room would be available to them for the time that they would spend
in Athens, short or long-term. The hotel now hosts over 100 families
and close to 200 children. Residents are invited to stay at the hotel
based on the situation and vulnerabiliy of the individuals, but with
a focus on those with no alternatives. As residents receive asylum
elsewhere or gather the neccecities to continue their journey illegal,
rooms that become available are offered to those who are on the
ever growing waiting list