I am Dania from Syria.
I left Syria because of the bad conditions and the lack of
safety—despite the fact that Syria is a beautiful country.
However, I have lost my house in the war.

                It got destroyed.
                I wasnt happy to leave my country, and despite this the trip was difficult
and dangerous and we were exposed to death several times. I did not expect
all these dangers that we have faced. I have made friends during my journey,
some stayed in camps and some are here with me at City Plaza. I am happy to
have made friends from a lot of nationalities and I wish them a beautiful future.
I hope luck assists me in my problems as soon as possible so that I travel to my
husband and my family in Germany, and to feel stability once again. I want to
start working and enhancing my financial situation, and to enrol my son Ammar
in education and help him excel in it. At the end of my message, I would like
to thank the European people for the humanity and their sympathy with us,
and to thank my new family at the Hotel City Plaza that consists of many
races, and for having offered a new life better than the one in camps.
                City Plaza resembles a mother hugging her children.


Dania, 26, Palestinian Syrian, has been in Greece for

five months with her son Ammar, 3, and her Husbands family.

Dania's postcard is for 'the Greek citizens because they are

my new family who know nothing about me and my story'.