We are living here as one
family of multiple nationalities.


Nour, 24, watches over her sister-in-law Dania, 26, in their room
on the 2nd floor of the Hotel City Plaza, Athens, Greece, July 2016.
Dania and Nour are staying at the hotel with Nours brother and
mother and Danias three-year-old son. They have been in Greece
for five months. They fled their home in the unofficial Palestinian
refugee camp ‘Yarmouk’ in Damascus, Syria. The camp—a square
mile of Damascus since 1957 with functioning hospitals and schools
—has seen heavy fighting between ISIS, Palestinian Militia, the Free
Syrian Army and other factions. Since the start of the violence in
Syria the population in Yarmouk has dropped from over 100,000
to around 20,000. Nours two older brothers and her father traveled
to Germany before the boarder closures and were granted asylum.
Nour, her mother and brother, and Dania and her son, have made
reunification applications to join them in Germany. The rest of
Danias family are in sweeden.


[update October 2016]


Nours application was declined because of her age. She decided
to continued her journey to her family illegally. With the help of
Dania, Nour paid smugglers 3000 euros to facilitate her travel to
Germany via aeroplane. received asylum in Germany. Dania helped
Nour pay the 3000 euros the smugglers asked for to facilitate her
journey via airplane. Dania, Ammar, Mohammed and his mother
have now received asylum in Germany and are are soon to leave
the Hotel City Plaza to continue their journey.