The first time, when we started this journey from Afghanistan, we were twelve people.
We travelled through countries such as Iran, Turkey and finally Greece. We have lived here
for two months now. Why did I come to Europe? My father was a Jhiadi Commander.
When the Taliban seized Afghanistan we had to run, and we migrated to Iran.
After a couple of years they asked my father to return to his previous job in Afghanistan,
but he rejected. They asked him many times but my father would not betray his country.
Finally, three unknown men murdered my father. They put his corpse in a ten-meter deep
borehole and covered it brutally by pouring heavy cement in the hole. We made a formal
complaint about this. The government caught three suspects who pleaded guilty
- now they are in an Iranian Prison. Every day I would get a phone call from the prison.
They would threaten us for legal consent to permit their release from prison. They said
if we failed to do so they would do to us what they had done to my father. This unbearable
situation made us flee the country for Europe. I can't go back to my country as there are
lots of problems. Once we tried to cross the border illegally between Iran and Turkey,
but the Iranian security border caught us and deported us to Afghanistan. We tried
again after a month and eventually eight members of my family crossed the border.
Now we have reached Greece.


Farid, 29, is traveling with his family

from Afghanistan, hoping to continue

to Germany. Kara Tepe refugee Camp,

Lesbos, May 2016.