“Children of Adam are the limbs of one body, and are from the same essence
in their creation. When the conditions of the time hurt one of these parts, other
parts will suffer from restlessness as well. If you are indifferent about the misery
of others, it is not deserving to call you a human being”.

                My name is Farzana and I am with my family, we are very intent on immigrating to 
Europe. The route that we chose was very difficult and hard to travel. My father and
mother were with me and they were not in a suitable health condition. We started
our journey from the border of Iran and Turkey, my father was separated from us but
we continued travelling along side him until Turkey. Regrettably my father was caught
by the border police and then deported to Afghanistan. We came by ourselves and
faced all the hardships on our way to Greece but, eventaully, we arrived here. We lived
in a camp for three months and we are still facing an uncertain future. This is not a
complaint that I am raising, there are about fifty thousand refugees living in Greece
under horrible conditions. These people have decided to take this action due to all
the problems that they were facing. I hope that the world will know that if there were
peace and security in our country, we would be attending school and not unwanted
guests here, like now that I am a refugee.


Farazana, 16, Afghani, has been in Greece for three months.

She is intending to continue to Sweden. Poem: the Children

of Adam (Saadi, 13th C) as displayed in the United Nations

Building, USA. the Hotel City Plaza, Greece, July 2016.