Greetings and respects! My name is Fatima. My story begins when my life and
that of my two children were in danger. I left Isfahan for Tehran and from there
to Maku. The next day when we left for Turkey, we faced a lot of issues. The Turkish
police detained and even physically assaulted us several times. My twelve-year-old
daughter got sick and passed out. Due to fear of Iranian and Turkish police we would
hide wherever we could. We spent days and nights without food until we succeeded
in reaching Turkey. My daughter was so sick that there was no hope of her survival.
We reached Istanbul with lots of difficulties. After a very difficult few days we came
to Izmir. On a very cold night we left for Greece in a small boat with eighty people.
For two hours I kept my daughter under my hand and my son under my foot.
Upon arrival there my daughter passed out due to fatigue in the boat. I was crying.
I am grateful to the doctors who came to help my daughter, my son and myself.
[on arrival in the Greek Islands].


Fatima, 35, Afghani, has been in Greece for five months

with her two children Ainazo and Arman. They intend to travel

to ‘any country where our lives are not in danger, my children

prefer Switzerland. The Hotel City Plaza, Greece, July 2016.