I left Afghanistan due to safety and security problems, following the collapse
of Kunduz province. We were forced to leave our homes. You cannot even imagine
how difficult this journey has been for us. It has been very difficult for us. We have
travelled with various modes of transportation in this trip including buses, boats
—although, they were far from being boats. For nine hours I was under the belly
of a bus, it was cold and very tight. Right now, I expect the leaders to not send us
back to that hell again after we have endured such hardships. Our final destination
is the United Kingdom because one of my brothers lives in that country and if we
get to go there we will face fewer problems. We only ask the UK people to request
their government to at least accept a percentage of these refugees. As soon as
I arrive in the UK, I wish to resume my education. I don't feel very good about
this in general because we don't know what will happen in the future,
but I am still thankful. The only thing that I want is a better
future and an education.


Fawad, 17, Afghani, with his mother and young sister,

Kara Tepe, Lesbos, May 2016. The transit camp in Kara Tepe

is intended for registered individuals awaiting transport to Athens.

With 1000+ capacity, many have been in Greece for months.