I want a world without any war, without any blood, I want a full and peaceful world. This is my only hope as a refugee.


Activists and residents try to calm a dispute at the entrance to
the Hotel City Plaza, Central Athens, Greece, July 2016. Although the
hotel is welcoming, warm and positive; tensions, emotions, trauma
and stress levels are unavoidably high—people from varying nations,
ethnicities, religion, ages, who have all been through challenging
situations before arriving at the hotel, and all with different aims and
needs, have to live together. A resident has been accused of stealing
phones, specifically targeting Afghan residents. Some want the
accused to be ejected from the Hotel; others want to help him with
the problems he may be going through. Emergency services cannot
be relied on: many of the residents are in Athens illegally and even
when called the services are very slow to respond to the area known
to be associated with refugees. Activists and residents have to work
together to create and impliment coherent policy and keep the squat
safely functioning.