I am a Shia Muslim, a Mother from a Shia Family. One of my sons became a
Christian in Iran and my relatives wanted to kill him. Eventually, my son escaped
and went to Germany. After that, my relatives wanted to force my daughters
to marry. We were forced to escape to Mashhad. My relatives followed us to
Mashhad with the intention of taking us back. When I realised, we fled to Ahvaz.
I called my son in Germany and he told me to come to Germany if I could. We went
from Ahvaz to Urmia. From Urmia we went to Turkey, but we faced many problems
such as crossing mountains and a lot of snow, sometimes we saw packs of wolves.
Finally, we arrived in Turkey and from Ismir we went with a small boat to Greece.
When we arrived in the Greek Islands we went with a big ship to Athens.
After a few months they transferred us to Eliniko Camp, after a few months
we came to City Plaza. Here, we are so happy. There are many kind volunteers.
Now we are waiting to see what will happen.


Jamila, 48, Iranian, with her husband and two daughters.

'We hope to reach higher countries and we want people

of Europe to help us so we can get out of this situation

and send us to the country of our choice.'