Hello to my humanitarian friends, I am Mamnoosh. I am a girl and I am fifteen
years-old. I am with my family, we escaped from Afghanistan because we were in
danger and I could not continue my studies. Terrorists threatened us. In the end,
we were obliged to escape from our country. We left at midnight in secrete.
From Herat province we went via illegal smuggling routes to the Pakistan border.
From their we continued to the Iranian border. From Iran we went to Turkey and from
Turkey we went to Greece. We experienced many problems along the way, we walked,
we sometimes went by horse and with human traffickers. Finally, we arrived in Greece.
Here we are so thankful to the people of Greece. They are so hospitable.
I want just one thing from the other EU countries: as a suffering Afghan child,
please, open your boarders.


Mamnoosh, 15, Afghani, on the fourth floor of the Hotel

City Plaza with thirteen members of her family. Athens, Greece

August 2016. Mamnoosh intends to continue to 'any country

that is willing to accept us, we are prepared'.