To my friends, kind greetings, I speak to you now from the heart
of the Greek capital Athens. I left my home in the camp of Yarmouk.
I had to flee to come here. The war is difficult my friend, it killed the heart,
the self, the trees and the stones. It was a hurtful feeling. Imagine yourself
after having left your soul in some place, a place filled with problems, war,
killings, and displacements. It was a hard journey. I killed myself back then
in life and in my studies, to create a new dream. It became the only way,
the last fleeting trace of hope. My life is now filled with new people; it is like
a train station. Some left without trouble, and some did not want to travel
except to the core of the heart. I wanted to write for a while now; it is the
only means in which I can express my feelings without borders or constraints.
As for the end of the journey, in reality I do not really know and I cannot
really foresee what will happen. Destiny is harsh, my dear. As for the
European people, I would like to say: thank you for being from the few
who could carry the burdens of our heavy lives.
                With best wishes, Mohammed


Mohammed, 17, Palestinian Syrian, is with his sister Noor

and sister-in-law Dania. Yarmouk Camp is a distract of Damascus

populated by Palestinian refugees that has seen heavy fighting

between ISIS, militia, the FSA and other factions since 2014.