I left my country due to war and because my family is in Europe and
I want to go to them. Our journey was stressful, very tiring and dangerous.
We had no experience in living under the conditions that we have encountered
during this journey. I have met a lot of people, some I have left, and some I
have accompanied. I had finished my studies in mechanical engineering back
in Syria. I wish by the end of my journey to reach my family, to live with them,
to continue my studies, to work in my speciality, and to mingle well with the
European people. I would like to let the European people know that we are
not ignorant, and that we can work and build our lives with our effort and
our knowledge. We are not here to just stay without work and without a goal.
I live now in City Plaza and our life is good, however we're not stable despite
that we are living here asone family of multiple nationalities.


Noor, 24, Palestinian Syrian, with members of her family

including Mohammed and Dania. Noor made an application

for reunification with her father and brothers in Germany.

Due to her age, the application was unsuccessful.