My name is Rachel and I am a citizen of Ethiopia. I am 25 years old.
My reason to flee my country is that I am the child of a farmer and we have
four hectares of land in our possession. The family's livelihood depends on
this farmland. The government designed and tried to forcefully implement
a 'master plan' for expanding cities and to lease the freed land to foreign
investors against the will of the farmers. We therefore went out to the
street to protest the 'master plan' and we have been the subject of arbitrary
detention and beatings by the security forces. My brother has been abducted
by government forces and they were trying to catch me. By that time, I managed
to flee the country. I crossed the border through the Sudan and continued the
long journey on foot and by boat. I have suffered a lot including being thirsty
and hungry. I am currently sheltered at PIKPA refugee camp in Greece.


Rachel, 25, Ethiopian, is intending to

continue to 'anywhere where there is freedom'.

PIKPA Refugee Solidarity Camp,

Lesbos, May, 2016.