My name is Salah, I left my house three years ago in 2013. Armed groups
arrived at our neighbourhood and forced us to leave our homes, so we went
to Afrin city for nine months. I was searching for work but no one accepted
me due to my disability. I really suffer from it, seriously and obviously.
Then we went to the city of Halab [Aleppo] for six months, on the 14th of
Jan 2014. Then we left the country as my mother's health deteriorated and
took refuge in Turkey to get treated. There as well I was searching for work
but no one accepted me there either due to my disability and the hospitals
of Turkey's had a lack of interest to care for my mother and for refugees.
I remained without work until my arrival here in Greece. As I left Turkey,
I was very happy as I knew that in Europe humanity is valuable.
Thank you. Salah


Salah, 25, Kurdish Syrian, with his brother and mother, who

is currently in hospital. Salah has applied for asylum in more

than 12 European countries, [Update, September 2016: Salah

has been invited to interview with french asylum officers]